Accidental Twitter Anagrams, the Great Poetry of Our Age

July 15, 2013 | Andy Cush

File under “more great unintentional poetry from random Twitter users.” Much like Pentametron trolls the social network for lines in iambic pentameter then assembles the rhyming ones into surreal sonnets, Anagramatron assembles pairs of found anagrams. So @HairieSahrin’s “Shame on you dear,” gets paired with @ainqarina’s “You are handsome,” in what could be the opening couplet to the greatest song Lana Del Rey never wrote, and @Polo_mejor’s “Tryna eat somethingfinds its match in @bristoldreams’s “That’s my generation,” in a potent if melodramatic assessment of the poor job prospects facing millennials.

Some of this stuff is really good: “Today was so chill/Das coo lil shawty,” “I can’t do LSD though…/It’s Cold and Hot…Ugh,” “Let’s not rush things/Turn on the lightss.” Come on: cool/chill, the complicated and contradictory sensory effects of LSD, a call for carefulness in a situation that got too heavy too fast? I think I’m getting goosebumps.