Australian Photojournalism Exhibition Censored Because Reality Is Not Family-Friendly Enough

August 1, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

After Destination DSW had invited well-known Australian photographer Stephen Dupont to curate an exhibition as part of the Reportage Photography Festival, one would expect the artist to have freedom of choice regarding what works he would like to include. This time, not so much.

Nearly half of the images selected by Dupont didn’t sit well with event coordinators, even though “there was no nudity or graphic violence,” including one of a fire-ravaged bushland. There was also a close-up photograph of a drug addict’s foot and a used syringe which was allegedly promoting drug use. As Dupont said, “That’s completely idiotic. If anything, it goes the other way.”

Many of the photographers featured in the show had gone as far as to risk their lives in order to obtain these controversial images, but too bad, they should have made sure to keep their images less graphic and more “family friendly.” How’s that for artistic freedom?

(Image: James Nachtwey for TIME via 20 Minutos)