CLAW Bombs Lord & Taylor

August 2, 2013 | Bucky Turco

“I’m so excited to be on Fifth Avenue,” says CLAW gleefully to me as she stands outside of Lord and Taylor on Thursday evening. The graffiti bomber turned fashion designer was waiting for the luxe department store to unveil the backdrops they commissioned her to create for their main window displays.

Moments later, one of the reps from the retailer hit a button on some sort of remote control and the blinds retracted, revealing the vibrant, multicolored aerosol works. Amazingly, they also allowed her to spray paint her iconic CLAW icon right on one of the window displays which had been treated with a clear film. After all, Lord and Taylor can support graffiti art, but not vandalism.

Passers-by and shoppers alike will be able to view her highly conspicuous installation that also includes her gold CLAWs surrounding mannequins throughout the month of August. I asked CLAW why she agreed to paint the location. “I mean Lord and Taylor, what’s more New York that?” she said.