Immersive Installation of Inner Ear Sounds by Jacob Kirkegaard at Eyebeam

August 6, 2013 | Marina Galperina

For one hour on August 16th, Danish artist Jacob Kirkegaard will present his interactive piece Labyrinthitis inside a floating cube in the main gallery of Eyebeam in Chelsea. Tones generated from within Kirkegaard’s inner ear will be modulated to specific frequencies and ratios to “spark audible emissions within the audience’s own ears.” The physiological changes will generate a third tone: “otoacoustic emission.” It’s going to be fantastic.

The Danish artist is presenting the project in conjunction with the group exhibit “Soundings” exhibit at MoMA (opening August 10th), where he is exhibiting his installation AIONIn 2005, Kirkegaard travelled to the so-called “Zone of Alienation” in Chernobyl, Ukraine and created field recordings inside four abandoned spaces: a church, an auditorium, a swimming pool and a gymnasium. The ten-minute recordings were played back to the rooms and re-recorded, each creating its own unique composition, growing denser and denser, droning with a clearer sensation of the room. At “Soundings,” it will be presented as an audio-visual installation.

Jacob Kirkegaard is also presenting ELDFJALL — a subterranean recordings of deep volcanic vibrations in Iceland — at Silent Barn in Brooklyn on August 18th.