Here’s the Russian Army Choir Covering “Skyfall,” You Will Cry From Its Beauty

August 23, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Please enjoy this video of the Russian Army Choir’s performance on a morning television show in which they sing the “Skyfall” song from James Bond 007 BETTER THAN ADELE. That lead tenor though. OH MY GOD. And the choir “[pum pum pum] I kno / I never be wizout security.” THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL.

Because Russia’s Big Gay Purge is still on and I will have many more terrible things to report on to you soon. So enjoy that. Enjoy it hard. SKYFAaaaAAaaAALL…

Again again again!

Previously known as the Red Army Choir, the Alexandrov Ensemble official armed forces choir is very important to internal Russian patriotism and my grandparents. It has been giving FEELINGS since the ’20s. Looks like they finally learned some new songs since “Kalinka.”

Hat tip: Michael Idov’s Facebook.