Watch This Documentary on Two Guys Who Skated From Boston to NYC

August 23, 2013 | Andy Cush

Last year, we spoke to Zack Baker and Adam Abada, two friends who had recently skateboarded from Boston to New York City and planned to make a documentary about the experience. Now, almost a year to the day and a handful of IRL premieres later, here’s Backstreet Atlas the fruit of their labor, finally streaming online. Watch the 20-minute film in all its shredding glory above.

“We want to encourage people. The main reason behind this whole trip was to go see more, and do more, and to show that you don’t have to go very far or even think very hard about it. You can do it locally,” Abada told ANIMAL at the time. “With the film we want to inspire people to do that, or just show that it’s possible. To get people off their asses, really.”