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Hell Baby

September 4, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Hell Baby (2013)

From the guys who brought you Reno 911 it’s Reno 911 w/Vatican priests sorta. Haunted house! Haunted uterus! “Bitches be trippin.” Demon baby. Ghost blow jobs. Po’ boys. Po’verty. Exorcismz. Eviscerationz. HAHAHAHA.


BLOoOOO0OO0oOD: 2.meh out of 5.0


Standard gory American comedy slapstick NOT GORY ENOUGH. Y U eviscerate/crucify “Dr.” Michael Ian Black and 1 scene earlier, movie was all like LOOK at his tight bicycle pant clad dick — and then he dies OOP! *spoiler* he dies *spoiler* but he hangs on the wall ther all bleedy from demon attack, genitalia intact. Can we have a little consistency in the logical progression of our narrative? N E WAY IZ GROSS but not like too gross like meh gross.



Fuck that. Demons and shit.


NAWLINSISMS: 1.5 out of 5.0


Won’t it be so cute to shoot a low budget movie in New Orleans? “Haunted” houses everywhere. Watching this movie through a preparatory haze and then epiphany re socio-economico-environmental disaster preparedness wait mmm I want a po’ boy.


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