People Are Already Trolling the Awful “Ghetto Tracker” Website

September 4, 2013 | Andy Cush

Have you heard of “Good Part of Town?” Formerly known as, wait for it, “Ghetto Tracker,” the terrible, terrible, terrible site hopes to “help you determine which parts of town are safe and which parts are not” by crowdsourcing information about the relative safeness of a city’s neighborhoods. Much has already been made about how awful and potentially racist and classist this is. As Gawker points out, the happy, “gleaming white family” in the stock photo on the company’s about page and Facebook posts about “ghetto booty” don’t really help.

Well, your friendly neighborhood internet users have already been hard at work trolling the website, at least in New York. The Goldman Sachs building and Wall Street are both marked “unsafe,” as are several uber-wealthy Upper East Side outposts and, for whatever reason, the Gawker Media building. Housing projects in the Bronx’s notoriously crime-ridden Mott Haven neighborhood are just fine for tourists, however, and Brownsville, Brooklyn, is perfectly fine too.

Want to express your own displeasure with the site? The Met, MoMa, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and plenty of other tourist-friendly institutions all look ripe for ghettoizing. UPDATE: “This site is gone. It’s not worth the trouble,” reads the website.