Realm Recognize Realm’s Very Internet Art Party Tour Kickstarter

September 5, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Earlier this year, Realm Recognize Realm won Rhizome’s Internet Art Grant (and complimentary legitimacy). But the $2,000 “award for the creation of new internet based artworks from members of the Tumblr’s thriving artist community” is not enough to keep it real IRL for a six-day, all-ages tour along the East Coast.

So, here’s their Kickstarter. For this:

REALM RECOGNIZE REALM will create physical-world performance spaces that are closer to the experience of tumblr than to the experience of the club— social gatherings that embrace all of the awkwardness, banality, and domesticity of the Tumblr or Web 2.0 cam performance but IRL.

@LALABALON and @LILINTERNET aka “the” “inventor” “of” “#seapunk”, the shows promise performances, music, installations, “inspiration lectures” and  performances that are raw and intimate “like the best cam-vids.” They’re really going with this URL 2 IRL analogy aesthetic direction everything.

Hey! Still excited to see this play out, though my corneas are kind of burning. Not so much to party in “unconventional space” of “your mom’s basement, strip mall parking lots, suburban homes, rooftops” while drowning in New Aesthetic overload (Yes, I know I’ve professed hate for that word but it is what it #is), but to see if these internet “Super Users” and self-professed “DIGITAL ICONS” are any super offline. Academic research.

(Image: Charlotte McManus/Kickstarter)