Family of Mentally Ill Man Killed By Cops Sues NYPD

September 24, 2013 | Andy Cush

A new lawsuit–filed by the family of a man who was killed by NYPD officers last year–hopes to improve the department’s capacity to dealing with the mentally ill.

Mohamed Bah was shot and killed by officers after his mother called 911 to help him get to the hospital and treat his depression. She wasn’t expecting police to show up at his apartment after she called, and when they did–after forcing their way in–an argument with Mohamed in which he allegedly brandished a knife led to his killing.

The lawsuit asks that the department implement the “Memphis Model” of dealing with the mentally ill, which involves creating a “Crisis Intervention Team” staffed by both cops and mental health professionals to deal with calls involving emotionally disturbed people.

“He was in his house, the cops should have respected his request to leave him alone, or at least allow my mom to speak to him,” Oumou Bah, Mohammed’s sister, said.

“We hope this case will set an example and start to put effective measures in place to protect people that are sick,” she added.