This USB Phone Charger Is Powered by Fire

September 26, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

No matter how far smartphone technology may progress, we are still left wanting something more, like being able to charge your phone in complete wilderness. We’ve all been there, with a phone battery dwindling at “less than 10%,” unable to take that very important photo or waiting to tweet that perfectly composed string of 140 characters until you get to a phone charger, by which time your time-specific wit has withered…

A new project on Kickstarter aims to change much of this by offering a USB phone charger that is powered completely by fire. The Flamestower works by converting heat into power, quite literally allowing you to charge your devices anywhere and everywhere — like your next camping trip! — requiring little more than mankind’s most important and necessary invention — fire itself.

(Image: Mike Shouts)