Fox News Suggests Visiting National Parks Via NASA Satellite Images

October 2, 2013 | Bucky Turco

Fox News published a story on its website Monday about the government shutdown that reeks of The Onion. “How to visit national parks during the partial gov’t shutdown,” reads the headline. And then they go there:

National parks were not exempt from the government shutdown but that does not mean you can’t ‘visit’ the nation’s greatest treasures while politicians continue to work things out.

The Grand Canyon, Ellis Island and Yosemite may be inaccessible by foot, but with a little help from NASA, you can still view our national landmarks from space.

In the post, Fox encourages readers to launch a gallery of said national landmarks from space that must’ve been obtained been before the shutdown… NASA is closed. The federal agency (and its Mars rover) can’t even tweet.

(Photo: NASA Marshall Space Flight Center/Flickr)