Three Off-Duty Cops Rode With SUV-Attacking Bikers

October 7, 2013 | Andy Cush

Last weekend, a group of motorcyclists out for a group ride were involved in an altercation with a driver on the West Side Highway that resulted in an SUV running over one of the bikers, and the subsequent beating and knifing of the SUV’s driver. Now, it turns out three of the bikers in that group were cops.

One, an undercover detective, did not intervene with the fight, apparently so as not to blow his cover. He was not, however, investigating the bikers. The extent to which the other two were involved isn’t yet clear. All three were off-duty.

In other news, Reggie Chance, who can be seen smashing his helmet through Alexian Lien’s window in the video of the incident, does not give a fuck about your arraignment.

(Bottom photo: New York Daily News)