Motorcycle Chase Cop Gets Assault, Spied on Occupy

October 10, 2013 | Andy Cush

The drama never stops coming in the case of last month’s motorcycle-vs.-SUV chaos. Wojciech Braszczok, an undercover detective who rode with the motorcycle gang, had his charges upgraded from criminal mischief and riot to assault and gang assault (the riot charge was dropped) for his involvement in the attack on SUV driver Alexian Lien. In a video obtained by the authorities, he can be seen punching through the vehicle’s window and kicking its door.

In a strange twist, Braszcok appears to have been working undercover to surveil Occupy Wall Street. Occupiers knew him as “Albert,” a man who frequently spent time at Zuccotti Park and helped out with Occupy Sandy, according to Gothamist. An occupier named Casper said he “never trusted” Albert/Braszczok, and that he would often “come up to people and start a conversation, ask their age, their information, where they’re affiliated.”

According to DNAinfo, “Braszczok’s information, along with other intelligence gleaned by the NYPD, helped the department craft their shock-and-awe plan to clear the Occupy protesters out of Zuccotti Park.”