Glitch Textiles, Trolly Printed Matter: The Hole Gallery Goes Net

October 11, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Although tonight’s “YOU ARE HERE” exhibition opening at The Hole has an underlying theme of randomness, the work featured in the show shares a very common thread, capitalizing on implicit concept of randomness and glorifying it, whether it be by the exploration of new technologies or though the intentional misuse of existing ones.

Works featured in the show range from the “glitched-out” textiles of Phillip Stearns to the websites of Ryder Ripps and his trolliest net-to-paper item ever (see left), and work by Rick Silva. Interesting to see the Hole get in on this.

In addition to a physical exhibition “YOU ARE HERE” will also be shown on New York Art Department’s website as well as displayed permanently on Tumblr. “YOU ARE HERE,” Big Egypt 2020, Jason Ciocci, Josh Reames, Kathy Grayson, Phillip Stearns, Rick Silva, Ryder Ripps, Thomas Pregiato, Trudy Benson, #BEENTRILL#Oct 11 – Oct 13, The Hole, Manhattan, NY