Girls of Moscow

January 15, 2014 | Marina Galperina

“My story is about something really beast-like, wild and dirty inside these pretty creatures and how it suddenly comes out,” photographer Sasha Mademuaselle tells DAZED. There are hundreds of photos, many channeling that wild something, reminiscent of every big party in every big place, but what ties them together are the chosen details — the girl in ecstasy and a neon green sweater, the girl’s hair intwined with rubbery stems of flowers, the girl’s hands dripping with blood, scuffed knees and scratched shoulder blades, sheer polyester and heart-shaped rings. She’s clearly a competent concert and fashion photographer, but — “I was partying Thursday to Sunday taking pictures all the time” — and her photos of friends at the same club every night are tangible, warm, kinetic. There’s also that sort of sparkly sheen of The Russian Girl, the thorough femininity even through her slump to the floor. Never got that. But seen that. See some of our favorites above.  (Images: Sasha Mademuaselle/Flickr)