This Is a Skull Made of Cocaine

January 15, 2014 | Andy Cush

Yes, this is a skull made of cocaine. It’s called Ecce Animal, and it’s a sculpture by the Dutch artist Diddo (who also made this hypothetical “cure for greed“). As far as skulls go, it ranks somewhere below Noah Scalin’s skull made of VHS tapes and above Dan Aykroyd’s skull made of glass filled with vodka. Once, Damien Hirst made a skull out of diamonds. This skull is made of cocaine.

According to designboomDiddo sent his cocaine to a “research lab” to check its purity and make sure his skull made of cocaine was really a skull made of cocaine. The lab verified that his cocaine was indeed cocaine, but “further constituent components identified included phenacetin, caffeine, paracetamol and 
a relative large percentage of sugars.” It is a skull made of cocaine, but also other things.

Why a skull made of cocaine? Again, from designboom:

The sculpture intends to provoke thought and conversation about the nature of man, particularly our participation in society and the tension it often shares with our genetic makeup.

Have you ever done cocaine? If so, look at some pictures of the skull made of cocaine in the gallery above and think about how it would feel to do all of that cocaine. If not, look at the skull anyway. It’s pretty.