Music Made From Bike Sounds

January 15, 2014 | Andy Cush

Johnnyrandom’s “Bespoken” — a piece of electronic music created entirely out of sounds recorded from a bike — has been available on iTunes since November, but the composer just released a promotional video for it this week. In it, we see spokes bowed like violin strings, sprockets struck with mallets, and air compressed air used as a percussion instrument (just like Joy Division!).

The music itself I could kinda take or leave — it’s the kind of consonant, super hi-fi, post-Postal Service “IDM” you could imagine being used to advertise a trendy startup — but the concept is neat, and the range of sounds is impressive. How did he get that bass?

Here’s a sample from Johnnyrandom’s SoundCloud. For the whole song, you’ll have to pony up a buck on iTunes.