Street Art Memorializes Elderly New Yorkers Killed in Traffic

January 20, 2014 | Andy Cush

For their latest action, the safe streets advocacy group Right of Way created stenciled tributes to seven senior citizens who were killed by drivers in the last half year. The group spray painted chalk outlines on the streets where the deaths occurred, as well as text that echoes the NYPD’s mantra for incidents in which a driver kills a pedestrian: “no criminality suspected.”

“From Corona to Mott Haven to Manhattan’s East Side, it’s unsafe to be an older person on the streets of New York City,” Keegan Stephan of Right of Way said in a statement about the action. “Mayor de Blasio sounded the right note last week when he stood with families who lost children to criminal driving behavior. Now we need him, the NYPD, and the courts to follow through with prevention, enforcement and prosecution.”

(Photos: Liz Patek/Flickr)