This Man Is Not a Model

January 21, 2014 | Andy Cush

Curtis Petraglia, a North Carolina-based art director, is screwing with his buddy in pretty spectacular fashion. Nick Ott, a friend of Petraglia’s once had ambitions of modeling, and posed for a handful of really terrible portfolio shots back in 2009. Those photos found their way into Petraglia’s hands, and he did the only sensible thing: set up a website to help Ott get discovered, so his friend can finally start living his dreams.

NickHott.com (get it?) is a beautiful, responsively designed model’s portfolio, with photos of Nick staring piercingly into the camera while in a pool, staring piercingly into the camera while doing push-ups, and staring into the camera while standing in a picturesque field, all accompanied by text like “He’s Not Looking At You. He’s Looking Through You,” and “Looking Hot Is Easy. Being Hott Is Hard.” There’s even Nick Hott gear for sale, like this snazzy three Hott moon t-shirt (only $22!).

Funny, but I wish Petraglia didn’t tip his hand so early — immediately upon entering the site, you’re informed that it’s a prank — and had registered the site under Ott’s real name and not a pseudonym. I asked Petraglia whether Nick Ott is angry about Nick Hott. “It was a mixture of anger and being flattered but overall has a pretty good sense of humor,” he said.

If any enterprising readers want to take the prank to the next level, NickOtt.com is available. Just saying.