A Map of the Internet, From Apple to xHamster

February 3, 2014 | Andy Cush

This astonishingly detailed old-timey “map of the internetcomes from Martin Vargic, a designer in Slovakia. There are nations of Facebook and Twitter, Apple and Google, Microsoft and Wikipedia. Gawker media gets its own cluster of countries — the capital is “Denton,” natch — and there’s a region full of porn and torrenting sites as well. “Due to the immense size of the Net, only a miniscule (sic) portion of it was chosen to represent it on the map,” Vargic writes on DeviantArt, where he published the map. “Otherwise, this map would be unreadable and probably undrawable in entire lifespan of average human being.” No ANIMAL though?

Download a high-res version of the map here, and see some details in the gallery.