Your Olympic MedalCount.com,
Now With LGBT News

February 10, 2014 | Marina Galperina

The Winter Olympics are in full swing in Sochi. ANIMAL is relaunching MedalCount.com, the micro-site that tracks the news that really matter — who is winning? But this year, we’re using our high-profile piece of internet real estate to aggregate and disseminate news that really really matters — all the stories that cover the enforcement of Putin’s discriminatory “anti-gay propaganda” laws, arrests of gay rights protestors, and other human rights stories, live from Russia. It’s a combination medal count and gay rights watch.

Since the enactment of Russia “anti-gay propaganda” law, any media/internet/pubic appearance or information that makes “nontraditional sexual relations” appear “equal” in “social value” to “traditional” sexual relations is punishable by arrest, effectively outlawing not just gay rights protests, but openly gay existence. Subsequently, violent hate crime is on the rise in Russia, including “Occupy Pedophile” the horrifying homophobic lynch mob terrorizing LGBT. With 61 protestors arrested before the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony ever began, all eyes are on Russia and these stories.

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