Guerilla Subway Signs Show You How to Transfer

February 11, 2014 | Andy Cush

Quick: you’re in a hurry, standing on the J Train platform headed towards Canal Street. You’re going on a date on the Upper East Side, so you’ll need to transfer to the 6 train when you get there. Where do you stand so that when you get there, you don’t have far to go?

A guerilla project dubbed EPP — that’s Efficient Passenger Project — aims to help. Signs like the one above, at Bedford Avenue, tell you where to board, depending on where and to what line you’re transferring. They’re working on getting the L Train transfers marked first. A representative of the EPP told WNYC. “it’s a public, civic service.”

The MTA, of course, plans to remove them. Says spokesman Kevin Ortiz: “These signs have the potential to cause crowding conditions in certain platform areas and will create uneven loading in that some train cars will be overcrowded while others will be under-utilized.”

(Photo: @EPP)