Play “Nothing To Hide,” a Game About Spying on Yourself

February 13, 2014 | Andy Cush

Nothing to Hide, an HTML5 game released yesterday to commemorate The Day We Fight Back, flips the usual surveillance paradigm on its head. In its George Saunders-ian universe, spying is so normalized that the state will kill you off stepping outside the range of a surveillance camera even for a second. As a teenage runaway, you’re forced to navigate the world while making sure you’re never not being spied on. It’s an interesting twist on an old trope, and it’s instantly addictive.

The web version is rich, but it’s technically just a demo. Developers are looking to crowdfund $40,000 to build the rest of the game, with 10% of proceeds going to non-profits like the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The entire game is open-sourced, with code and art available on GitHub.

Play the web version here.