Street Artist Alters Gun Mural To Avoid Showdown With Townsfolk

February 13, 2014 | Bucky Turco

As part of an initiative to curb illegal graffiti in Dorchester — a city in South West England — the local council enacted a program that commissions public murals from area artists such as Peter Sheridan. He was given permission to paint a wall underneath a railway bridge. And so he did. Armed with aerosol, he created a wild, wild west-themed mural featuring a cowboy holding a cartoonishly large pistol. This didn’t go over well with some busybodies or the remarkably prudish Dorchester Youth Council. They said, “it was not the type of message we want to portray.”

Instead of leaving the fate of the wall to snotty kids and elected councillors, Sheridan was like fuck that and so he altered the firearm to make it look like a giant toy gun that shoots harmless billowy bubbles reports the BBC. “Taking back the ownership of a piece of work!” wrote the artist on Facebook after he modified it. (Photos: @Peter Sheridan)