Kiev Is Burning: Livefeed of Ukraine’s Protest Camp Being Stormed

February 18, 2014 | Marina Galperina

This is a livefeed of Ukrainian riot police storming Kiev’s main anti-government camp. What you’re listening to are grenades, fireworks, Molotov cocktails, gunfire and the chants of anti-President Yanukovich activists over the continuous explosions.

Espreso TV Livefeed

Earlier today, the city saw its most violent clashes since the protest began 12 weeks ago, since the citizens set up giant make-shift camps with their anti-government police arsenals in Maidan. A Kiev police spokeswoman told the Associated Press that two policemen and seven civilians died. Three of the civilians were shot. Shortly after, thousands of protestors filled Independence Square, chanting “Shame!”

The government forces gave the camps a deadline to disperse. Opposition leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk told the protestors to “not retreat a single step from here, from this Maidan” Square, while Klitschko told women and children to leave because he could not “exclude the possibility of use of force.” Then, the riot police moved in with water cannons, tear gas and stun grenades in an attempt to clear Maidan. The protestors used Molotov cocktails. Espresso TV is reporting that the riot cops have used semiautomatic weapons on the crowds.

Right now, opposition activists — including women — continue to take turns speaking from platforms and lead the crowd into “Glory to Ukraine!” and “Come to Maidan!” chants as well as nationalistic songs as their camp burns and the riot cops keep moving in. Nobody has time for “the people’s mic.”

Radio Svoboda Livefeed

Ustream Livefeed