“POSH” Members-Only Bathrooms Coming to NYC

February 20, 2014 | Andy Cush

Finding a bathroom while out and about in the city can be a figurative (and sometimes literal) pain in the ass. Still, you probably don’t need POSH, a company that aims to put members-only bathrooms around Manhattan. The first one comes to midtown June 2014.

What does POSH bathroom service entail? For a $15-per-year flat fee, you get the privilege of paying $24 for three days of bathroom access, $42 for six days, and $60 for 10 days. To quote the company’s site: “START AT THE THE LOW PRICE OF $6.00 FOR A WHOLE DAY!!”

Also, there are showers, lockers, and “private powder rooms with touch-less faucets and flushers.” Due to the book-per-day policy, it seems like the service is geared towards travelers, which, last time I checked, usually have a bathroom in their hotel. If they ditched the daily fee, even if it meant jacking up the yearly cost considerably, I could maybe see it catching on among people who live here.

And if you’re wondering whether your luxury shitting experience isn’t quite exclusive enough? Quoth the POSH: “In an effort to keep POSH Stow and Go a place with consistently easy, quick and hassle-free access every time members visit, membership availability is LIMITED.”