Postinernet Art Show and Bunny Rogers’ Second Life Lenticulars

February 28, 2014 | Marina Galperina

“Raster Raster” is an exhibition featuring 11 artists from New York, Lahore, Berlin, and Los Angeles, including some of ANIMAL’s favorites: Petra Cortright, Alexandra Gorczynski, Jayson Musson and Bunny Rogers. The work, now on view at the Cravey Gallery in Los Angeles, features 3D-printed sculptures of Jasper Spicero, Cortright’s digital paintings on silk, site­specific installations, mixed-video-media pieces and more from artists whose work is heavily influenced by the internet.

Curator Marisa Olson coined the term “Postinernet Art.” She explains:

This is work that one might call ‘art after the internet’…That is, work that simultaneously enjoys and critiques the internet, responding to and incorporating its tropes, memes, cultural politics, and visual language into forms that may or may not live online.

Bunny Rogers’ 9years project of Second Life screengrabs is being presented as a 6-frame lenticular print in a lightbox. You can view other images from project here, as it shares some common notes with the themes of Rogers’ body of work like the “overlap in sexualization and exploitation of children and animals” and more. “Raster Raster” group exhibition curated by Marisa Olson; Conor Backman, Petra Cortright, Alexandra Gorczynski, Marc Horowitz, Christine Sun Kim, Mehreen Murtaza, Jayson Musson, Bunny Rogers, Travess Smalley, Jasper Spicero, Artie Vierkant, “Feb 22 – Apr 12, Cravey Gallery, Los Angeles