Art Video Games of China Coming to New York

February 28, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

The independent video game art collective Babycastles are known for their playfully absurd taste in underground games and their seriousness about video games as an art form. Over the last few years, they’ve risen from their birthplace in the basement of the old Silent Barn to infiltrate respected art establishments around the world. And on March 6th, they’ll be opening their new show “Art Video Games in China” at the Ace Hotel, supported by the Armory Show. The show, which will run from the 6th to the 31th, will feature a selection of independent Chinese video games curated by New York-based game designer Bryan Ma.

“In China, the business of games is quite a bit younger than elsewhere, and the independent games movement is also in its early exploratory stages, but young artists are emerging and exploring the space, and this show is a recognition and celebration of that,” Ma told ANIMAL. Ma wants to highlight games that deviate from the constricted norms that control the Chinese game industry today, whether that means something like The Well, a game designed by Peng Bi Tao, which Ma described as “very slow, poetic experience evoking traditional Chinese aesthetic values” or more traditional games by young independent designers. There will be 4 playable games at the exhibition and video from many more.

“The Well”

Babycastles events are always full of surprises, so we highly recommend attending the (all ages!) opening party to be held at Ace Hotel on the 6th from 6-9 pm. For more information you can check out the Facebook event or Babycastles website. “Art Video Games in China,” March 6, 6-8pm, Gallery at Ace Hotel, Manhattan.  (Lead Image: Fish)