More Graffitied Subway Trains in NYC

March 2, 2014 | Bucky Turco

It’s not often that straphangers ride on graffiti-bombed subway cars. The MTA has a strict policy of pulling trains out of service no matter how good they look. Usually, when images emerge, they’re of empty cars in train yards.

This weekend however, riders got quite a treat according to Instagram user @halopigg, who took photos of a spray painted M train and gave ANIMAL the following account of the rare sighting:

I was on my way home from Manhattan late Friday night around 2AM and I had to transfer from the J to the M at Myrtle-Broadway. As I was standing on the platform the M shuttle rolled in and I could immediately smell the aerosol. I looked down and there were a handful of fresh pieces over two cars. I’ve since found out through Instagram research that I caught pictures of only a few of the six total pieces. I had an extra minute or two to snap pics because the train was at the last stop, wish I could have grabbed more.

Subway Art Blog reports that “the pieces appear to be the work of LUPY, BOAT, B36 and others. B36 most likely stands for ‘Beta 36,’ a graffiti crew based in Italy.” A chi vuole, non mancano modi.

(Photos: @halopigg)