Flappy Doge, Flappy Smaug: 800 ‘Flappy Bird’ Remakes, All in One Place

March 3, 2014 | Andy Cush

The rise and subsequent fall of Flappy Bird launched countless remakes, imitators, and artistic homages. Now, thanks to a competition for Flappy Bird-inspired games, here are 800 more.

The variety of games on display, all of which draw from the ‘Flappy’ template in some way, is astounding. There are relatively straightforward recreations of the original gameplay like Flappy Doge, Super Panda-San, and Shameless Flappy Clone, subtle inversions like Floaty Balloon and Tap the Pipe, and complete reimaginings like Flappy Space Program. In Hey You! A Flappy Bird Lament, you play as Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen, pacing around your apartment in Bird-like fashion as your sort out how to deal with the game’s breakout success.

The Flappy Jam website lays out rules for submissions.

Make a hard, almost unplayable game. Use assets inspired (not ripped) from classics. Flappy word or gameplay not mandatory. Have fun, be supportive. Hate must not win.

“The amazing response to the jam kinda shocked me, in a positive way,” Ivano Palmentieri, the indie game developer who organized Flappy Jam, told ANIMAL. “It was nice to see so many developers embrace my simple idea, collaborate, create something new and wonderful.”

According to Palmentieri, winners will be announced within the next few days. Play them all here.