Death by Butt Injection in the Meatpacking District

March 11, 2014 | Andy Cush

DNAinfo reports on the demise Tamara Blaine, who was allegedly killed after receiving silicone butt implants at a pay-by-the-hour hotel.

Tamira Mobley, 28, was arrested Monday and accused of killing Tamara Blaine, who was found convulsing on a bed inside a second-floor room at the Liberty Inn Hotel, 51 Tenth Avenue, about 12:33PM July 8, police said.

Blaine, whose obituary listed her as a college freshman at the time, was taken to St. Luke’s hospital and pronounced dead, police said.

An initial autopsy into Blaine’s death was inconclusive — but the medical examiner’s office noticed puncture wounds on Blaine’s posterior and realized that she could not have made them herself, sources said.

Blaine was apparently “writhing and foaming at the mouth” for an hour and a half before Mobley, an illegal plastic surgeon, sought out help. She’s awaiting arraignment on assault and manslaughter charges.

(Photo: @dmott9)