Supercut of Wes Anderson’s Extremely Centered Compositions

March 18, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Here’s a great supercut that slices shots from Wes Anderson’s filmography straight down in half –right along the nose-line of all The Royal Tenenbaums, through every line of that stop-motion furry thing and… wait till you see The Grand Budapest Hotel. It explains a lot. Wes’s compulsion for perfection, balance and order? You have no idea. Nice job, Kogonada. Wonderful Malick fire and water supercut, too.

While we’re learning, here’s one of Stanley Kubrick’s one-point perspective, Spike Lee’s dolly shots, oh look here’s another Wes Anderson supercut… from above.

Now Nicolas Cage me!!! Now shhh, Nicolas Cage. Mmm, oh yeah.