Photos From the Weirder Side of SXSW

March 19, 2014 | Ed Daly

It’s difficult to encompass the real SXSW, but if you were in Austin to watch Lady Gaga getting vomited on at a Doritos-sponsored concert, you probably missed it. See some actual highlights from photographer Tod Seelie in the gallery above.

The viking ship created by Dennis McNett for Juxtapoz at the Yellowjacket Social Club.

Big Freedia getting a tattoo from Oliver Peck at the Sailor Jerry event at the Gypsy Lounge.

Austin Police arrive on ATVs to disperse the circle pit that formed on Red River St during Trash Talk’s set outside of Beerland.

A sign at the Southern Baptist Church for Gay Bi Gay Gay.

Santa Youth sings punk covers of Christmas carols to their fans.

A few minutes outside of town and it becomes decidedly Texas with a capital T – gun racks, intolerant bumper stickers, and tons of tractors, but it’s worth the trip in if you know where to go. (Photos: Tod Seelie/ANIMALNewYork)