Skull X Skull 2014: Metal, Boobs and Unorthodox Pyrotechnics

March 19, 2014 | Marina Galperina

We don’t have much to go in trying to interpret what the hell is going on in these photos of Skull x Skull that Tod Seelie shot for us. The event is put on by Skidmarxxx every Sunday of SXSW. It starts in the afternoon and goes until the cops shut it down, every time. Geographically, it’s within the city limits of Austin, but barely.

There is a wheel. You spin it. Maybe you’ll get lucky and get the relatively harmless-sounding options like “Candy Dance,” “Dogshit Warpaint,” or “Tattoo.” Some of the tamer options on the wheel are misleading though, like “Blow Bubbles.” Bubbles is the tiny dog. Last year, Tod got “Get Zapped” and got tased in the face.

You just never know. What’s the sparkly option? “Ah, sparkly one means you chug an original Four Loko,” Tod explains.

There was metal.

Around two hundred showed this time to see Doom Siren, Fuck Work, Waarface, Woman Thrower, Steel Bearing Hand and the stage exploding with a purple cloud. See you next year. (Photos: Tod Seelie/ANIMALNewYork)