NYC Has a Homeless Bunny Problem

March 20, 2014 | Andy Cush

New York City is a cold, unforgiving place for a rabbit without a place to live, and bunny homelessness is only on the rise. According to DNAinfo, Animal Control took in 380 of the critters last year, up from 341 the year before. “I’ve never lived somewhere where this happens as often as it does here,” P.J. McKosky, a representative of the rescue group Empty Cages Collective said. “We’re getting calls every week.”

Because there’s generally an uptick in rabbit adoption around Easter, Animal Control is worried about even more homelessness in coming months, when first-time pet owners decide they’d rather not care for their new babies.

The important takeaway: if you do decide to care for a bunny, see it through, as your domestic animal won’t survive well in the wild. “People don’t realize that they can be litter-box trained,” says A.J. Woolf, a rescue volunteer. “There’s no smell, no barking. They’re wonderful little pets.”

(Photo: @Dean Wissing)