This “Join the Gentrification!” Pamphlet Is Real

April 2, 2014 | Marina Galperina

These digital renderings are from an actual pamphlet by a developer who has his sights set on some hot Morgan L-stop adjacent “retail space.” Sent to us by a tipster from Oh, Great, it bluntly and unabashedly features the words “Join the gentrification!”

The revolutionary call is complimented with a rendering of the building being split into several near-identical possibilities of long windowlessbars cafeterias. It also includes a dramatization of one such establishment, populated by crudely Photoshopped Business Gals and Bros on Cellphones and exclusively serving terrifying platters of onion rings. (The onion rings appear to be purely ornamental.)

Or possibly, those are pretzels. Who cares! They’ve got a Photoshopped painting of a Banksy!

Because you can’t split up a big ol’ warehouse in the “ultra-hip” “Morgan-town” area of “Bushwick/East Williamsburg” into “notable businesses” without getting a Banksy in there. See the full pamphlet at Oh, Great.