When Genesis P-Orridge Met Lady Jaye In an S&M Dungeon

April 3, 2014 | Marina Galperina

In “The Pandrogyne,” an amazing episode of Love + Radio produced by Nick van der Kolk and Brendan Baker (who also did the beautiful sound design), industrial music founder Genesis Breyer P-Orridge talks about Brion Gysin and the cut-up technique’s influence on language, industrial music and h/er own body, among other things. Like love.

I transcribed a segment where Genesis meets Lady Jaye, one-half/whole of a whole that would be Pandrogyne — the collaborative project that melds the two beings in one through language, creation and body augmentation, a project that continues after the passing of Lady Jaye.

A dungeon is a space equipped with S&M equipment where certain types of men ring up, make appointments in some way to be submissive sexually, physically and even just mentally for whatever reasons. People have these grandiose and scary ideas of what goes on, but sometimes it’s really simple. There was a man that called himself “the couch” and he would lie on the floor covered in a sheet and all you would do is sit on him, and talk about stuff and drink wine. That was it! The traditional stuff went on too, but a lot of it was very much intellectual and all going on in the brain.

We’d been awake for three days… on pharmaceutical ecstasy and then we finally went into the dungeon itself and pulled a sheet over we and went fast asleep next to all these gadgets for pulling people into the air and tying them up and so on. And then we hear a noise and somehow we woke up. Sat up straight. Looked at the doorway and the light in the next room was on. And this girl walked by… with a beautiful Brian Jones blond bob and all 60s clothes and she was walking backwards and forwards with a cigarette in her hand, talking to somebody. And as she carried on walking back and forth, she gradually started throw off those clothes and change into a really amazing leather fetish outfit.

My goodness who is that? She’s so beautiful. And then out of the blue, we found ourselves saying, out loud…

Dear Universe. If we can be with that person for the ret of our life, that’s all we want. That’s enough. And while we’re saying that, we’re thinking… What’s going on? Why are we saying that?

That turned out to be Lady Jaye. The person who she was talking to was another dominatrix who was saying, don’t go in the dungeon, don’t go in there. There’s some guy in there and he’s English and he’s really bad news. He’s weird. A dominatrix thought, we were weird? Wow. And Lady Jaye was thinking, I want to meet this person. If this person is scaring a dominatrix, he must be really interesting. So she invited me to go out that night.

Hat tip: Art F City. (Image: Crack Magazine)