U.S. Attorney General Feels OK About Weed Legalization

April 16, 2014 | Andy Cush

Weed is fully, recreationally legal in two states now, and the U.S. government’s highest law enforcement official doesn’t totally hate it. “I think, so far, I’m cautiously optimistic,” Attorney General Eric Holder told HuffPo recently of legalization in Washington and Colorado. “But as I indicated to both governors, we will be monitoring the progress of those efforts and if we conclude that they are not being done in an appropriate way, we reserve our rights to file lawsuits.”

“I think a lot of states are going to be looking to see what happens in Washington, what happens in Colorado before those decisions are made in substantial parts of the country,” Holder added.

Some states are taking tentative steps forward already. Maryland’s legislature voted to decriminalize last week, and D.C.’s did the same in March. New York hasn’t made the move yet, even though the majority of residents support it.

In the same interview, Holder admitted to toking up in the past: “Yeah, I certainly have said in my four, five, whatever number confirmation hearings I’ve had that you fill out the forms, that I had ‘youthful experimentation’ — I think was the phrase that we were told to use — when I was in college.”