Police Transport Illegal Street Art by Banksy to Bristol Museum

April 17, 2014 | Bucky Turco

The head of a youth charity group who removed a Banksy piece from public property with the hopes of selling it has been rebuffed by local officials. Dennis Stinchcombe was hoping to auction it and raise money to fund the Broad Plains Boys Club, a move which we fully supported. However, Bristol Mayor George Ferguson objected, along with the city council, and sent the police to retrieve it. It’s now on display at the local museum, but may be a smidgen of silver lining for the 120-year-old organization that offers after school programs for children. “There will be a collection box for Broad Plains Youth Club next to the work,” announced Bristol Museum on Twitter. In other news, a spy-themed piece attributed to Banksy in Cheltenham has been defaced.