Highly Disputable Map Places New York Neighborhoods In Los Angeles

May 8, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Yesterday, Redditor thehofstetter begat a passionate thread by presenting the above map for New York transplants in Los Angeles, allegedly, putting “Manhattan,” “Brooklyn,” “Upstate,” “Poor New Jersey” and “Rich New Jersey” over various spread our areas of Los Angeles County. It’s not very helpful or accurate.

Someone who grew up in LA, i_am_food, presented this much-improved map…

…but discussion rages on.

Moved to LA from NYC, have to disagree. Culture is more spread out here and in bigger chunks, dude didn’t even mention Venice, which in my opinion is like a mix of bedstuy and Williamsburg. Downtown is not like Manhattan… West Hollywood would be Chelsea, Downtown would be financial district and meat packing, Malibu would be like long island, etc.

At times reasonably…

Otherwise this map is trying to draw general parallels based on class. Hollywood = Manhattan because rich people. Except Hollywood could not be more different from Manhattan – huge mansions in the hills vs. 30,000 people/sq. mile in Manhattan? Yeah no. I guess you could compare Hollywood Blvd and 42nd/Time Sq, in the sense that both are shitty tourist traps too.

At times to heights of absurdity.

Read some travel guides man, Brooklyn is a small cool hip neighborhood entirely populated by rich white artists.

Forgive them, for they know not what they type. As someone who I lived in LA and NY for nine years each, I’d explain this by Los Angelinos’ issues comprehending our densities of population, culture and diversity.