In Deep City 2030, There Is Hope For The Future

June 3, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

Deep City 2030 is an independent video game coming in 2015 in which players will face a challenge unlike any other: saving our planet’s future. But this is no tree hugger shit. The game is essentially Sim City in reverse. You begin in a post-Apocalyptic world with a city half-destroyed by pollution and excess. Energy is the only currency, and your success depends on your ability to co-operate with players around the world to restore the game’s universe to urban and environmental harmony.

But it isn’t all depressing enviro-Apocalypse. Fantastical characters like “Disco Jesus” and “Lazer Cat,” exist to play out the consequences of your actions in a dark but amusing fashion, “taking the sting out of the panic of the future,” as Mark Kolody, the game’s lead designer puts it.

Deep City 2030 is a brilliant step towards making accessible games that deal with real, important subject matter and are made by people who care deeply about both games and the future of Earth. There are 30 days left to contribute to the game’s IndieGoGo campaign to help out with their initial funding.