Libertarian Singer-Songwriter Launches Her Own Bitcoin Clone

June 3, 2014 | Andy Cush

On her Twitter profile, Tatiana Moroz proudly displays the hashtags #bitcoin, #liberty, and #truth. Her most popular recording is a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War,” followed by a song with the unlikely title “Make a YouTube Video” (it’s about making a YouTube video).

Also notable: “Bitcoin Jingle,” an earnest acoustic number that extols the virtues of using cryptocurrency when you’re living in a “nation based on war.” (I thought about it, what was the choice that I made?/Take away the money, don’t give up your money, use Bitcoin whenever you pay!)

It’s fitting, then, that Moroz is launching Tatiana Coin, “the first-ever artist crypto currency,” to fund her next album. (CoinYe doesn’t count?)

From Moroz’s press release:

She describes the “Artist Coin” as offering “unique ways for people to become part of the creative process where as the fan base grows, the more valuable the tokens become.” Additionally, “this program incentivizes stronger relationships with fans where fans gain access to behind the scenes parties, sponsorship opportunities, early releases and more.”

Intrigued? Read on:

The funding campaign features a “gamified” donation system that varies the amount of “Tatiana Coin” rewarded to backers donating Bitcoin (BTC) or CounterParty (XCP) to Tatiana’s Official Campaign Address (to be announced at http://www.Coinpowers.com on June 3rd). Each day, backers split the to-be-allocated pool of 100,000 “Tatiana Coins” based on their contribution compared to everyone else during the same day. This allows savvy backers to snipe low-traffic days to receive a bonus number of “Tatiana Coin” from the daily allocation.

Bitcoin supporters and Moroz fans, rejoice! Finally, a “model for funding artists and involving fans in a long-term relationship with their artists that they choose to support.”

A decent marketing scheme, but is she as good as TheKoziTwo?