Futuristic Hong Kong Thriller “Camera” Takes Glassholes to the Next Level

June 11, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

Camera, a new film by James Leong, looks like a stylized yet plausible view of the near future. It’s 2030 in Hong Kong, and Ming has an eye implant that allows him to record everything he sees. Twitch premiered the trailer today.

Ming is a surveillance expert with an obsession: he wants to film everything that happens to him. It’s a compulsion linked to an accident which left him blind in one eye. When a new technology becomes available that can restore his eyesight, Ming jumps at the chance. But when a new client hires him to follow the beautiful daughter of a shady businessman, everything begins to unravel around him.

The film explores the real possibility that we will be able to record those around us entirely without their knowledge. It’s the logical end point of Google Glass-like wearable tech that likely will continue to spread.