RIP DG, Graffiti Magnate

July 3, 2014 | Bucky Turco

Jason Wulf, a Queens resident who’s better known to the world as graffiti legend DG, passed away on Wednesday at the age of 42. Hailing from Ridgewood, DG was a prolific writer, artist, and founder of NWC (New Wave Crew). His tags, his throw ups, his fill-ins, his pieces, his canvasses — were all dope.

Highly respected for his style, he started his career in 1985 and painted with some of the best writers (and crews) in the game including his brother-in-arms GIZ (MTA), JA (XTC), GHOST (RIS), KET, DESA (MTA), KECH, ZIM (AOK), SI (BS), RIME (MSK), TOPER (Smart), KEZ5 (YKK), and so many others. He also painted subway cars during the clean train movement, a time period in the 1990s when many writers continued to hit trains regardless of the MTA’s strict buff policy.

It was over a decade ago at KECH and POKE’s Sunset Park apartment that I first truly appreciated DG’s artistic talent. Sure, I knew he was a dedicated bomber, but his canvasses were technically on par with those found in the world’s most prestigious art institutions.

DG was able to pull off what many of his fellow writers couldn’t: Create a body of artwork that is intrinsically graffiti, but not a redundant reiteration of his work on the street. Despite his outpouring of creativity, he never embraced the art world or graffiti circuit. Although he sold canvasses, he represented that older school breed of graffiti writer who had no interest in mainstream recognition.

Friends and family of DG have set up a fund “to raise money to help with his funeral/memorial service.” You can show your support here. Below is a video of him painting a canvas with ZIM: