Idiot Masochist Pranksters Really Enjoy Getting Hurt “In The Hood” on YouTube

July 11, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Two brothers from Bay Ridge have been amassing YouTube hits on their channel OckTV in a series of pranks, like grabbing phones out of strangers’ hands, sitting on subway commuters’ laps and going “Yo dawg, you got a problem?” at people. Etayyim “ET” Etayyim and Mohammed “Moe” Etayyim say they’re “not trying to get hurt,” even though they do. Repeatedly. A lot.

“Every time we go out to prank, we are never serious,” Moe tells the Daily News. “We don’t think about it. We don’t make anybody’s day go wrong.” However, shit going wrong appears to be the point of these endeavors, as evident in the titles of the videos like “Farting on People in The Hood Prank [Gone Wrong!!]”

The brothers are being urged by community groups to stop before they get hurt, though the videos often feature ET and Moe getting pushed, throttled, kicked and punched, then going back for more. Let’s just hope they don’t provoke anyone into further unnecessarily violence.