Stolen Citi Bikes Dumped In Poor Brooklyn Neighborhoods, Jailed By Police

July 17, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

The Post reports that more than 67 stolen Citi Bikes have turned up in the city’s “worst neighborhoods.” The NYPD speculated that thieves find “improperly docked” Citi Bikes in Manhattan and then ride them one way to Brooklyn, where they’re dumped. The police have no room for them.

To solve the problem, they’ve started stashing the bikes in a jail cell — while they wait for Citi Bike officials to pick them up, the source said. ‘We were putting them in the garage, but there wasn’t enough room — so we moved them to the back cell,’ the source said.

The top neighborhoods where bikes are located include Brownsville, Crown Heights and East New York. At least five people have been arrested for riding stolen bikes in Bed Stuy.

Citi Bike spokeswoman Dani Simons assured the tabloid that this is not a widespread problem. “In general, the bikes are locked in the docks… Nearly all of our bikes are back in our system within 24 hours,” she said. There are more than 4,000 bikes in the New York Citi Bike system available to over 97,000 annual subscribers. (Photo: Canadian Pacific)