NYPD Casting Huge Dragnet In Its Investigation of Those White Flags On the Brooklyn Bridge

July 24, 2014 | Bucky Turco

The NYPD really wants to find out who was responsible for installing two bleached-white American flags atop the Brooklyn Bridge, undetected, and is taking all sorts of measures to solve the mystery. NBC reports:

“Investigators are running license plate numbers, scouring social media, examining cellphone transmissions and collecting DNA as part of their investigation…”

The police are also still looking for a bunch of dudes:

In addition to all the leads detectives are running down, they’re still trying to identify a group of young men, one with a skateboard, who crossed the bridge around the time of the flag swap. They’re still considered persons of interest, but it’s not clear if it’s because they were involved or just may have been witnesses. 

(Photo: @NewsBell)