Staten Island Man Slam Dunks Over A Cop Car While Wearing “RIP Eric Garner” Shirt

July 28, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

An annual basketball tournament at Berry Houses in Staten Island was interrupted by the arrival of a police car, but not in the way you might think. Organizers from the Under The Lights basketball league asked the local patrolling unit if they’d be willing to allow players to slam dunk over their car, and surprisingly, the cops agreed.

Then, 20-year-old Brian Hogan-Gary pulled off his jersey to reveal a homemade “RIP Eric Garner” t-shirt before “he teed up for the shot, and proceeded to launch himself over the cop car, completely clearing it and slamming home the dunk.” The cops set off their sirens and lights to celebrate the shot and the crowd cheered, as captured in the Instagram video below.

“The cops were really great and nice about it — it was a little bit surreal,” league founder Joel Soto told SI Live.  “It definitely brought down a little of the tension between police and the community.” Garner himself was involved in Under The Lights, and was beloved by the league members. Both of his teenage sons are members, but were not present for the slam dunk competition. “Everyone really respects Garner here and feels for him… He was part of the Under the Lights family,” Soto said.

Eric Garner passed away on July 18th, after being placed into an illegal chokehold by a Staten Island police officer from the troubled 120th Precinct. (Image: SI Live)