Bag Of 868 Hypodermic Needles Found In Queens Park

August 1, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

Forest Park employees discovered a bag of 868 hypodermic needles last week. According to a spokesperson, the bag was found near Park Lane South and 112th Street in Richmond Hill, Queens, under a guardrail. All the needles appear to be used.

“It’s sad somebody would do that and put the public at risk,” Richmond Hill Block Association President Wendy Browne told the Daily News. The needles have now been disposed of properly, and the police have been notified. “Local residents are relieved youngsters didn’t find it first,” writes the tabloid. This is a good time to tell the youngsters in your life that playing with a bag of used hypodermic needles is a bad idea.

Forest Park was also the site of two stun-gun rapes over the last year. (Photo: Eric Molina)